Fuck. I’m a blogger.

February 26, 2009

I’m a slow adopter.  I’m not on Facebook. It took me years to buy an iPod because I felt bad for my CDs. I’m still scared about what’s going to happen when we all finally move over to digital cable (besides the old people riots- those are gonna be great).

But there have been a lot of changes in my life the last couple weeks, and now I have an iPhone and a blog to share it all…  OK, fine- this post is from a computer, but I’m going to figure it out, I swear.

So we’re going on this adventure together: friends, family and creepy internet people reading this somewhere. I’m not sure how to blog- I’m sure I’ll overshare and undershare at various points, so feel free to let me know how I’m doing via witty, acerbic comments on this site.  (or you know, a phone call works too)

Attached is a picture. I promise they get more relevant as we go along.